After taking a bath, you must have noticed that some kind of moisture gets trapped inside the bathroom, making the glass and things around all foggy. This starts to get annoying when you are trying to get yourself dried up, but the moisture makes your body all wet and sticky.

The main purpose of a bathroom fan is to remove the moisture from the bathroom and eliminate the bad odor. Installing a fan in bathroom properly can help in dealing with many problems. Below we have mentioned the reviews of some bathroom fans that you can choose from.

It is important to choose the best quality fan because the cheap quality fans are mostly annoying because of the noise they make. A good quality fan will always ensure that you get the best bathing experience by eliminating the humidity and moisture.

Top 10 Bathroom Fan with Light

NameAirflow CapacityNoise level  Our Reviews
Panasonic FV-11VQL6 110 CFM0.5 sones Check PriceRead review
Broan 67850 CFM2.5 sones Check PriceRead review
Delta BreezGBR80LED80 CFM0.8 sones Check PriceRead review
Air King DRLC701 70 CFM4.0 sones Check PriceRead review
NuTone 9093WH Deluxe70 CFM3.5 sones Check PriceRead review
Hunter 8102190 CFM2.5 sones Check PriceRead review
Broan 754RB70 CFM3.5 sones Check PriceRead review
Tatsumaki LD-120120 CFM1.2 sones Check PriceRead review
Kaze Appliance SE90TL290 CFM0.3 sones Check PriceRead review
Hampton Bay80 CFM0.5 sones Check PriceRead review

1. Panasonic FV-11VQL6 Ventilation Fan/Light Combination 110 CFM

panasonic fv-11vql6 ventilation fan best bathroom fan with light reviews

This product from Panasonic is known for being quiet. Even if the static pressure increases, it makes no sound at all. Also, this combination of fan and light uses very less energy and gives out more air than the models of other brands.

In the case of overheating, the motor includes a thermal cutoff fuse. But it is very unlikely that the fan will ever overheat. Also, the light that comes with this fan is CFL. Being one of the best energy savers, CFL is grilled with the flush mount including a night light of 4 watts.

The overall fan is very easy to install. It comes with a 4-inch adaptor and a 6-inch adapter making it flexible for you to adjust the designing and layout. This is one of the most trustable and best brands that provide the best service. With an airflow capacity of 110 CFM, this fan comes with the most reasonable price.

2. Broan 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination

broan 678 ventilation fan and light combination review

With the airflow capacity of 50 CFM and 2.5 Sones, this is one of the most prominent ventilators. It eliminates the contaminants in a jiffy and creates the best environment to live in. It also has the feature of the lamp that can light up the whole bathroom.

Being a ceiling-mount fan it becomes an indispensable part of the bathroom for eliminating the moisture as well as the bad odor that gets trapped after a bath, so no more opening the window after taking bath. It uses a 100-watt light, but it does not include a light bulb.

It can easily fit in with any kind of décor because of having a polymeric grill of classic white color. When correctly installed, this can enhance the bathing experience with the adequate amount of light and suppresses the production of any kind of annoying sound coming from the exhaust. The cost of this ventilator is really low despite having such great features.

3. Delta Breez GBR80LED GreenBuilder

delta breez gbr80led greenbuilder 80 cfm exhaust fan with led light review

With an LED light, this fan really packs a great deal. The fan has a capacity of 80 CFM and still, it is very quiet. It even has an indicator that tells you if the fan is running or not. It might not be a very useful feature, but it enhances the overall experience.

This fan has been qualified by Energy Star for being the most cost-efficient and a money saver. This fan is also very durable and can actually outlast most of your bathroom appliances because of being engineered with a DC brushless-motor.

When compared with other fans with same features, this one here has proved to save energy up to 74%. The exciting part is that it can be very easily installed without any hustle. Overall, if your budget is under $100 then you won’t be disappointed if you’d buy this product. Moreover, it can really enhance your bathroom design.

4. Air King DRLC702 Round Bath Fan with Light

air king drlc702 round bath fan with light review

With the air flow capacity of 70 CFM, this is one of the most stylish fans out there. It is not only just a great accessory for your bathroom but it also ensures durability. Usually, when an exhaust comes with a light, it is covered with plastic and the plastic can become yellow, but it is not the case with this one. It doesn’t get yellow and lasts really long.

It has the ability to enhance any kind of décor. With the help of a frosted-ripped glass, the light easily spreads throughout the room. Also, there are separate wiring systems for both exhaust and light. The installation process is also very simple. You can either use the hanger brackets or you can use house mounting tabs.

It does not let us down when it comes to being quiet. To ensure silence and back drafts, it uses a plastic damper. Overall, it is a powerful and yet very pocket-friendly fan with a feature of the lamp which is quite illuminating.

5. NuTone 9093WH Deluxe Heat-A-Ventlite Heater with Ventilator and Incandescent Ceiling Light

nutone 9093wh deluxe heat-a-ventlite heater with ventilator and incandescent ceiling light review

It is one of the most powerful ventilators that also work as a heater and a light source. It saves the time you waste on waiting for your central heating system to heat up the water which this NuTone ventilator can do in a few moments. Its use is as easy as touching a button.

It creates a healthy environment in the bathroom by eliminating any kind of contamination and bad odor. Now, let’s talk about the features. The heating element of this ventilator has a capacity of 1500 Watt and the fan itself has a capacity of 70 CFM. It provides full ventilation up to 100 sq. feet. The sound level of this ventilator is 3.5 Sones.

Overall, we can say that this is a great ventilator. Other than the prices being reasonable, this ventilator is very easy to install. You get a detachable feature for 3 different wiring, which means you can operate the three functions separately.

6. Hunter 81021 Ventilation Victorian Bathroom Exhaust Fan and Light Combination

hunter 81021 ventilation victorian bathroom exhaust fan and light combination review

This one here works as an exhaust fan, a ventilator and a light source. This fan has a capacity of 90 CFM. With such great capacity, it is not loud at all. The sound of this fan is just 2.5 Sones which is pretty convenient. Other than being super quiet, this exhaust fan has a porcelain design and includes traditional chrome.

One of the most important functions that it is supposed to do is eliminate the odor, moisture and humidity present in the bathroom by circulating fresh air around which it performs very well. You can use this over your tub or shower with the help of a GCFI circuit.

If talking about its cleaning then we can say that it is very easy to clean because of the presence of removable finial. It helps in easy revamping and cleaning. Other than being HVI certified, it comes with a warranty of 5 years. You can easily rely on this product for enhancing your bathing experience.

7. Broan 754RB Decorative Ventilation Fan and Light

broan 754rb decorative ventilation fan and light review

This bronze fan rubbed with oil holds a capacity of 70 CFM and produces a sound of 3.5 Sones which can be considered a moderate sound. The Broan 754RB is made in such a way that it is resistant from the corrosion. The fan is covered with an Alabaster glass globe. The glass is attached to the corrosion-resistant base.

In this fan, you can use two candelabra bulbs of power 60 Watts. The product does not provide the bulbs with it. So you have to buy it from the market.

The fan comes with a self-lubricating motor and a plug-in assembly for the light fixture. The motor is permanently lubricated which means it can last really long. The installation process is not very hard. You can easily install the fan with the help of the sturdy mounting brackets which are key-holed. Overall, it is a money saving product with a warranty of 1 year.

8. Tatsumaki LD-120 Bathroom Fan

tatsumaki ld-120 bathroom fan review

With an enormous capacity of 120 CFM, we can say that this product right here is one of the most powerful and most reliable products. It can easily cover a bathroom about 120 sq. feet. Sometimes big size can result in creating more sound, but this one is ultra-quiet. So you can enjoy your bath without getting interrupted by the annoying sound.

You can easily position this fan because of a bar system that supports double hanger. It can easily fit in between the standard ceiling joints, making it easy to install. It has a super cool 6W lighting panel of LED. Despite having such high air flow capacity and silent functioning, the price is very reasonable and the product is worth spending money on. With this, you get a 2-year of the limited warranty.

Installation is easy because of the 4-inch duct connector. Overall, it is a great product and if you are looking for a fan that can cover a large area then you can go for this one.

9. KAZE APPLIANCE SE90TL2 Ultra Quiet 90-CFM 0.3-Sones Bathroom Exhaust Fan with LED and Night Light

kaze appliance se90tl2 ultra quiet 90-cfm 0.3-sones bathroom exhaust fan with led and night light review

Being a part of the ultra-quiet series from KAZE, the sound coming from its fan is barely audible (around 0.3 Sones) and holds a capacity of 90 CFM. It also includes 2 different lighting systems. One is 11 W LED light and the other is the night LED light of 2 Watt.

You can easily access these functions either by combining all of them to the same switch separating the wiring of the individual features so that you can get different switches to access different features.

It is qualified by Energy Star for being cost efficient. It can easily be installed because of mounting bars that support double hangers both being 4 inch and 6-inch duct adapter.

This is a one-time investment deal where you get a three-year warranty. Installing this one can save you from spending too much on electricity and replacement of bulbs. We can say that this is an average product with high capabilities.

10. Hampton Bay 80 CFM Ceiling Exhaust Fan with LED Light and Nightlight

hampton bay 80 cfm ceiling exhaust fan with led light and nightlight review

This beautiful exhaust from Hampton can become a great bathroom accessory. This one has a capacity of 80 CFM which is really great for an exhaust that comes at such price. Also, this one does not make any noise because of having a frequency of 0.5 Sones, that’s why it provides a quiet environment in the bathroom for you.

The exhaust fan of this ventilator is so powerful that it can control the bathroom odor and eliminate the moisture from the bathroom in a very short time. It has high durability because of having a DC motor.

This exhaust fan usually comes with a white finish and includes an LED light bulb of 16 Watt. Overall the product is really good and the price is also decent. If you want a very standard kind of fan in your bathroom that does not make too much noise and do the work just fine then you should definitely go for this one.

Why choose a Bathroom Fan with LED?

There are a lot of purposes for installing a bathroom fan. Usually, after a shower, some kind of moisture and humidity gets trapped inside the bathroom. This moisture can become the breeding ground for molds that can easily damage the walls of the bathroom and create an unhealthy and suffocating environment inside the bathroom. People usually open the windows to let out the moisture, but it does not work all the time.

That’s when a bathroom fan comes into play. Bathroom fans provide air, which does not let the moisture stay at one place and after a while, the moisture and humidity get completely eliminated.

These have technologies that provide a quiet and peaceful environment inside the bathroom and protect you from any kind of airborne diseases. The plus point of installing these fans is that they have LED lights. They are very handy when you are trying to save money on electric bills. LED lights are known to save electricity and they are pretty reliable. The durability of these fans is very high.

They can cost anywhere between $50 to $500 and it is you who have to identify the right one before making any kind of purchase. The fans we have mentioned above are one of the most pocket-friendly and best working fans you can get out there. And if not, then you should know how to choose the fan that is right for your bathroom.

Points to consider before buying a bathroom fan

Not everyone knows how to choose the right bathroom fan for the house. So below we have mentioned some points that you can follow to become aware of what kind of fan you need for yourself.

Size of the Fan

This is the basic point that you should take into consideration. Know the size of your bathroom in square foot units and then go for shopping as there are many fans that are made for a specific kind of bathroom size. So knowing the size of the bathroom beforehand can save you a lot of time.  If you have a large bathroom, then go for the one that has high CFM.  Remember for every square foot of bathroom fan should have 1 CFM which means if your bathroom is 100 square feet, then the fan’s air flow capacity should be at least 100 CFM.


In the beginning, you might enjoy the sound coming from your new fan, but it can become annoying with time. The noise can become hard to handle that’s why you can always go for the one that makes very less sound or is completely inaudible. Usually, the sound below 2 Sones should be preferred; anything more can make your bathroom noisy.


This is like the supplementary. You can always look for the extra features that a fan can provide. Usually, fans come with sensors that can let you know if the fan is on or not. This can become a very handy feature if your fan is totally inaudible.

Also, there is night mode that can save electricity if you are going to bath at night. The best part is the bulb. If the fan has LED then you can easily save a lot of money on electricity as they consume less power. Some fans even have 2 different kinds of lighting systems. So choose wisely.


This is the most important point because if the installation is hard then there is no point in having that kind of fan. Look for the ones that can easily be installed and removed. If you are installing over shower or tub, then make sure it is safe. Hiring a professional can always help you in avoiding any kind of trouble. Remember to choose the fan whose duct adapter is of the right size of your house.

These are some points that can be taken into consideration if you are buying the fan for the first time. These are very general and can help you make the proper decision.

Extra Features to look for

There are some special features that can actually enhance the overall experience of having a fan in the bathroom. One of them is a motion sensor activator. This one is a smart feature that turns on the fan as soon as a person enters the bathroom and turns itself off when the person leaves. In this, you can adjust the speed of the fan according to the task you want to perform.

These sensors can also turn on if there is a high level of humidity inside the bathroom.

Also, there is a built-in heater which allows you to heat the water without waiting for your traditional heater for doing the same thing. This built-in heater feature is very fast and pretty reliable.

Moreover, it all depends on how much you want to spend. If you can spend more then you can get more features and if you have a specific or low budget, then you can go for the $100 ones. Basic fans also do the same work and are very durable. But spending more doesn’t mean that you will always get the best product. There are many low-cost fans out there that work really good and some of them are even mentioned above.


According to us, the bathroom fans are the products that can’t be neglected. The moisture that gets trapped inside the bathroom needs to be eliminated because its presence can create problems for both the bathroom and you. The moisture can destroy the wall and can cause rusting.

Fans can easily eliminate all these threats and can easily create a suitable environment for everyone living in the house. Also, the fans that have lights are the best thing you can buy today. These fans with LED lights are really good and are energy-efficient. You can always enjoy the bath in the quiet, peaceful environment under the LED light.

If you are annoyed with the bad odor that has been accumulating inside your bathroom, then you should definitely buy a bathroom fan with light. They are trendy, cheap, money saver and can enhance your bathroom design.